A Very Merry Family Christmas


Chapter 1

It’s the last week in October and Kaylee was already trending with Moms’ postage trip for her extended family.

Dear Natasha;  my adopted Sister who lives across the ocean.  I look forward to telling you the story about the Christmas we are going to have. I’ve been feeling lost lately since Kaylee has joined the Lever Actions for 14 year olds while Charlie is in the Shotguns Group. I giggle lots because he has “peach fuzz” on his face and he looks like his father everyday.

I’m enclosing some postcards of places we’ve been to, as well as, photos of the family. One might laugh at us but I can not help but care for others that I met and of course, what is the probability of you being able to visit me where I live?

You mean a lot to me and maybe I don’t “pay attention” enough but as always I’m creating something new once again. I love the craftiness that having a type of Bipolar Disorder “allows”. This year I’m using up the rest of my pinecones for a craft sale. I hope you like the photos.

Something has come up and I have to go.

With trueness,



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Author of The Bipolar Workshop, Junior Hunters at Large Series, Hunting and Fishing for Kids, Funny Short Stories for Kids, Mortal Love, I Was So Bipolar, Sparkly the Pink Unicorn and many more titles. Counselling Bipolar Disorder
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